Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Award (ex-aequo)
John C. McEachen et al., Aggregating Distributed Sensor Data for Network Intrusion Detection
Jamal N. Al-Karaki at al., Energy-Centric Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks


Best Student Paper Award (ex aequo)
Mikail Morelle et al., 2-Dimensional Optical CDMA System Performance with Parallel Interference Cancellation
Cheng Peng et al., Constructing Service Matrices for Agile All-Optical Cores


Best Italian Paper Award
Maurelio Boari et al., Middleware for Automatic Dynamic Reconfiguration of Context-driven Services


Best Italian Student Paper Award
Lorenzo Colitti et al., Investigating Prefix Propagation through Active BGP Probing


Award from the IEEE Technical Committee on Modeling & Simulation
Andrzej Chydzinski et al., Blocking Probability in a BMAP Queue